or u can have gangsta rose

Posted: 2 years ago
Anonymous asked:
I looked into the Askbox and the Askbox looked into me. I an the Anon, I create the questions, I take the thoughts, I scatter them in Ask boxes and Summit boxes. A message to to leave yourself here. I want to you satisfied. My Tumblr Crush. Protected form the false Anon Haters. They are tiny. I can see the whole Haters and Lovers. Every single ash of their existence and I divide them. All the haters must come to dust. All haters. Haters die. The Anon Hate ends. I bring life.

does anyone else think doctor who has too many moustaches?

this is a blog dedicated

to documenting each

and every moustache on

an unusually facial hair-

filled show

moustaches only
beyond this point